27 Jan 2019
"Thank God It's Tuesday!" - everyone in Mt Wellington.

Mount Wellington is a suburb buzzing with activity. From the movies, food and everything else available at Sylvia Park, to the natural features that surround the area, there's heaps to do throughout the week. Even on Tuesdays!

For most Aucklanders Tuesday is but a far cry from the weekend. Unlike its more festive counterpart Friday, it’s the day most people would much rather overlook. Like the Pluto of our weekly solar system.

Not for the residents of Mount Wellington though. Tuesdays have a place in our hearts and our social calendars.

Follow your nose up Mount Wellington Highway on a Tuesday evening and you'll come across the Countdown Mount Wellington car park and a world of street food sizzling away.

Slurp your way to Saigon with a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup or chomp down on the puffiest, fluffiest piece of Hungarian bread. From Indian curries to skewered meats over hot coals, there are a world of ways to spice up your Tuesday.

The markets start at 5pm and finish at the very grown up hour of 11pm, so the possibilities are endless (in a 5pm-11pm kind of way).

Need an excuse to skip traffic? Swing by.

Run out of ideas for dinner? Here's about 30 of them.

Want to catch up with a friend for less than a tenner? Well hello!

Insomnia? Grab a bite! Just kidding, maybe see someone about that.

The Mount Wellington Tuesday Night Markets are the perfect way to bring life to the otherwise uneventful pre-hump weekday. For more ways to fill up your week in this fantastic little suburb, stay tuned. For gorgeous apartments also situated in this fantastic little suburb, click here.